About the Otaku Gamer Spot

The Otaku Gamer Spot brings you the finest anime and video game content with just a pinch of cynicism and wit. What makes us different from other sites out there is that above all else, we’re still otaku and gamers just like you. Think of us as your really cool cousin. You know, the one who told you to crouch on that white block in Super Mario Bros. 3 to find the flute and BLEW YOUR FREAKING MIND.

Rewind your mind to the 90s for a minute. Remember when anime was “cool” and no one looked at you sideways when you talked about what happened on YuYu Hakusho the night before? What about when being a socially acceptable gamer meant you knew more than just sports titles and first-person shooters? Well, wipe that lone tear of nostalgia from your eye, champ, because the OGs still think anime and video games are cool, and we’re going to continue acting like they’re socially acceptable, for that is the true way of the OG. Everyone is a nerd. They just don’t all know it yet.

Whenever you see something of ours that you like, all we ask is that you share it with your friends. The more people who know about the OG Spot, the better things will get for everyone!

And just so you know…

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