What’s Happening with Otaku Gamer Spot in 2018?

Hey guys, I know that last year I went as far as to make a video about all the upcoming projects and programming changes that I had planned for the new year, but there is only a few additions to the site and the channel that need to be addressed.

For starters, let’s talk about the folks on the channel. The main OGs who appear on the channel currently are Mark, Julian and myself with occasional appearances from Donte and Ryan. This brings me to the main point of the status of Sierra on the channel. After the conclusion of the Sonic Mania, Crash N. Sane Trilogy, Fire Emblem Blazing Sword, and the latter half of the Mega Man let’s play, will be Sierra’s final appearances on screen. Additionally, due to the Yoshi’s Woolly World playthrough going on much longer than it needed to be, that let’s play is cancelled. (For the record, Sierra, Mark and I did finish the game it was just never uploaded to YouTube in its entirety).

Don’t worry, her and I are still on good terms and still good friends. Sierra will be taking an alternate position on the channel. Specifically, taking a more social media focused role. By that I mean specifically, Otaku Gamer Spot will soon have an Instagram and Snapchat page in addition to the Facebook and Twitter pages.

The second matter of business are some of the personal projects that I had planned to start back in 2017. I had spoken about a few couple of solo documentary series that I would like to begin eventually. Believing that I would be able to complete all of them last year (or any of them at all for that matter) was incredibly ambitious of me. I mentioned a new series where I discuss aesthetics and visuals of old and new video games known as known as “Pixel Perfection”. In order to make time for the normal Let’s Plays, streams, the podcast, and a separate solo project, Pixel Perfection will go on indefinite hiatus…for now. Below is a preview of the Pixel Perfection introduction I started to work on in March of last year (2017). You can check that out here.

The other project that I had planned to start last year, I would like to start to begin writing the script for the first episode of the “Fatal Fury Plot Guide” starting sometime in March of this year. If time is in my favor, I would like to have the first episode of the Fatal Fury Plot Guide by August or September at the very latest.

Thirdly, let’s bring up the podcast. Not everybody is aware that I have a podcast called “Chaz’s Sound Test.” I refer to it as the “video game music appreciation podcast.” The format of the show is more like a radio show where I play video music in between me railing about obscure video game trivia or games that I had played in my youth. The show itself is available on iTunes, Soundcloud and Google Play. In the first episode of 2018, I will be recording an episode talking about one specific video game composer. For those who already listen to the show, you guys can vote on which composer I choose for talk about on the show here. The poll closes on January 7th 2018.

Finally, there is still a multitude of people who still aren’t exactly sure how the Otaku Gamer Spot’s video and stream schedule work. Here is a list of both the YouTube video schedule and the Twitch stream schedule.

Twitch schedule:

  • Week 1 – One-offs and themed game play streams (example: all SNES games night)
  • Week 2 – Long let’s plays/full game playthroughs (example: Mega Man 8 and Resident Evil 4 Let’s Plays)
  • Week 3 – Chaz’s Sound Test podcast live stream
  • *The format repeats from Week 1 unless I have to cancel for whatever reason) .

YouTube schedule:

  • Weekend Whatever Stream casual playthrough A (example: Sonic Mania)
  • Weekend Whatever Stream causal playthrough B (example: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Story Mode)
  • Weekend Whatever Stream casual playthrough C (example: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy)
  • Technical Difficulties A (Mega Man 8 full playthrough)
  • Battle Archives (Breaker’s Revenge, Karnov’s Revenge, Street Fighter EX 2 Plus)
  • Technical Difficulties B (Resident Evil 4 full playthrough)
  • Old Games Done Terribly (example: old NES, SNES, Genesis games etc)
  • The RPG Journeys (Fire Emblem Blazing Sword)
  • *The format repeats over the course of a month. With at least three videos being uploaded per week*

I hope this clears up a lot of questions everyone may have had. Just as active this year as we were in 2017. Hopefully, with a lot less hiatuses. Stick with us! We’ll have a lot more content on the way!