Playing Catch-Up on Our Videos. (We’re Back)!

So the main site has been down for about a good week and a half due to moving to a new server. In that time, we’ve still been posting videos. Here’s a brief list of what you may have missed while we were gone!

The Weekend Whatever Stream – Super Mario Maker (Part 2): Luigi thinks he’s a Southern rapper now.



Cringe Theater – Hunie Pop (Part 4): Sierra hits the fitness club to pick up some in-shape hotties.


Battle Archives: Asura Blade (Part 2/Finale): Julian finally dethrones the menacing punching robot and the Battle Archive crew discuss the “canon” of Asura Blade.


The Weekend Whatever Stream – PSX Demo Disc (Part 1): Chaz, Mark and Keith travel back to 1996. Taking the nostalgia glasses off!


Technical Difficulties – Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Part 7): Knuckles gets his butt kicked and Mark reaches the Death Egg Zone.


The Weekend Whatever Stream – Super Mario Maker (Part 3): Chaz and Mark argue over how different Retro Mario and Modern Mario really are.


There will also be a new video dropping later today so we hope you guys are up to speed now!