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The OGs Play Fighting Force

So Chaz decided to revisit Eidos’ beat em up from the late 90s, Fighting Force. Has this beat em’ stood the test of time? Is Smasher the Beethoven polygonal punches? The answers are no…no…absolutely not. Thrill as the OGs resurface this PSX train wreck.

The OGs Play – Strider (Part 1)

This week, we jump into the over saturated world of futuristic ninjas! There is no ninja more futuristic yet simultaneously dated than Strider. We’re going to hack and slash our way through…random fictional European country #45. Also, we uncover the possibility that Strider may or may not be Harrison Ford. Check it out!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle (Part 1)

We OGs play too many¬†fighting games but nothing nearly as “fabulous” as this. Check us out as we delve into the vogue-tastic and super 80s universe of Jojo. The experience was so ridiculous, we had to stretch our session into parts! ORA ORA ORA ORA!

The OGs Play – Final Fantasy VII (Part 1)

So in addition to our Whatever Play (one-offs), Technical Difficulty (challenge videos) and various other segments, we’re now doing full playthroughs. Naturally the first game we chose is the most over played RPG out there. We’ll complete it though! We got the stride! Right…?