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Artist Spotlight: Happy Gaming! – An Interview with Rinry

Throughout the internet, there is a seemingly endless sea of gaming personalities. The up-and-coming Let’s Players, the game music remixers, the nostalgic reviewers/ranters and all the blatant imitators. Every so often, there may be a gem or two to be found throughout all the YouTube trash.

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Sony and Microsoft at E3 2013: The Grounds of Proof

The other day I mentioned how each of the big three had something to prove stepping into E3 this year, elaborating on Nintendo specifically. Arguably, there is far less to worry about over at Mario’s camp because The Big N already has its next-gen console offering on the table. They just have to re-evaluate how to get it into more homes. Sony and Microsoft on the other hand have yet to even take a step out of the 8th gen’s door and are already facing grim [possible] futures. Continue reading


Nintendo at E3 2013: The Grounds of Proof

With E3 under a week away and all “next-gen” consoles on slippery decks, I think it’s time I give our fans my two cents the upcoming events. There’s a sweeping amount of revelations to look forward to, perhaps more than ever, because the “Big Three” are walking in with something to prove. Depending on whom you’d ask, one company may have more work cut out for them than the others. Continue reading

Technical Difficulties: Vivian Clark (+ Bonus Video)

What’s the weirdest game we’ve ever played? Probably this one. In this episode of Technical Difficulties, DontĂ© sees how far he can get in “Vivian Clark,” a secret game found in the FPS (First Person Soda) game “Soda Drinker Pro!” Continue reading